Fox Sports Show, College Hoops and Current Music Team Up for New Opening Title Pop Song

Current Music’s band Blondstone was hired to create a hip-hop song to open each episode of the Sports College Basketball Studio Show aka “College Hoops” on FS1.

Having enjoyed a good relationship with Current Music from their previous work together, including the title opening song for their College Football Show, Fox Sports producer Rick Thomas brought them on once again to do the same for The College Basketball Studio Show aka “College Hoops”.   To open the show, they were looking for a powerful hip hop track with a pop feel to it.

Current Music relayed the request from Fox Sports to their artists and after considering the demo submissions, the producers chose a song by the alternative rock band Blondstone, which is on Current Music’s roster of composers.  

“I think they picked our song because of the epic chord progression feel”, says Blondstone’s Laurent Lepagneau.

“Initially they liked the energy the track had and how it didn’t sound like anything else” says Current Music’s CCO Christian Salyer.  “Once they decided on the track and it was time to add vocals, we thought it would be cool to add rock vocals to it to make it even more unique and they really liked that idea.”