Inside PBC Tonight

“Inside PBC Boxing”, a new show on Fox Sports, encompasses the world of boxing. Hosted by Kate Abdo, along with two current fighter analysts, the setting is a cool, late night vibe with dark blue velvet chairs, an LA backdrop and an upscale feel.

The producers had lobbied for an original theme song for the show and received the greenlight a week before the first taping. Having worked with Current Music previously on out-of-the-box projects with quick turnarounds, the network instantly thought of them.

Said a Fox Sports executive “people dress up for boxing. It needs to sound classy and like nothing that’s been done before”. Other than that, there was very little to go by because the producers only knew they didn’t want stereotypical boxing music, which meant no hip hop, rock or epic orchestral pieces.

“After thinking about the theme for a few days in addition to researching music that had been used for expensive cars, diamonds and champagne, I started going through the other pieces we had already created while the team worked on new ideas,” said Current’s CEO Maddie Madsen. “I listened to all of them to see if I heard anything that sounded like what the set of the show looks like, what the demographics are, and the directive. As soon as I heard the winning theme, my gut told me that it was the piece they were looking for.”

The new theme song was written by Todd Andrew, who now has 3 Fox Sports theme songs on the air with Current Music. He created the theme songs for the sports gambling show “Lock It In” which airs weekdays at 4:30pm and “First Things First” which airs each workday morning. You can read about these projects in “The Latest” on

The Emmy Award-winning FOX Sports production team will produce more than 175 hours of original PBC boxing content per year across its channels. The theme song will be used throughout all programming, which includes 11 other programs across 5 network platforms and the digital space: Fox, FS1, FBC, FOX Deportes and PPV.

Check out the theme song here: