Rare, Authentic World Music, Now Available Exclusively From Current Music

Current Music Exclusively Signs Catalog of Rare, Authentic, Ethnic Music: Offering Licensing Access to over 40 albums! Recorded on location all around the globe, this collection is authentic, rare and timeless. Listeners Can Explore and License over 40 Albums, including Songs with Vocals.

In partnership with Dennis Music Publishing out of The Netherlands, Current Music now offers the Dennis Music Ethnic collection of Traditional music for licensing. The collection encompasses Krontjong Indonesia, Chants and Drummers of Burundi, Bulgarian Vocal Folk music, Caribbean Steelband, Old Country Russia, and Sacred Irish dance songs, as well as music from regions such as Israel, Curacao, France, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Greece, Hawaii, Scandinavia, Germany, Armenia, Mexico, South America, Moldova and Yemen, to name just a few.

Music is a language that crosses all barriers. Since the beginning of time, man and animal have used rhythmic and melodic sounds to communicate, through every native tongue. This universal pulse is a natural, sonic soundscape, to accompany stunning visuals and everyday life throughout the planet and universe, for all kinds of media worldwide.

Through Current Music, the rights to the recordings and compositions can both be granted (“One Stop” shopping), for licensing in all media, worldwide, in perpetuity. Normally, when a content creator wants to use a song, they need permission from the publisher who controls the actual song itself (the writing of the song), then permission from the record label (the actual recording). If the publisher doesn’t give permission to use the song, it can’t be used at all: not even sung by an actor on camera, a cover by a local band, or a new and different version by another artist. One Stop licensing means you get permission for all of it in one quick and easy place.


To listen to the entire collection, login at Current Music’s Search Engine and click the Dennis Music Ethnic link on the left-hand side.