Fox Network’s show Star uses Spanish Hip-Hop song “Latin Mamis” in episode 11 season 3.

Private Eyes

Private Eyes

Private Eyes is leading into it’s third season as the adventures continue with Matt Shade, a former pro hockey player who is an unlikely partner for the intense private investigator, Angie Everett.

I Am The Night

I Am The Night

New TNT drama I am The Night stars Chris Pine and India Eisley. Fauna Hodel (Eisley) learns she is adopted and she leaves her comfortable life in Reno to head for Los Angeles, hoping to uncover the secrets of her past.

Imposters uses Current Music in Season 2

Imposters Season 2

Maddie is a beautiful, dangerous con artist. She captures the hearts of victims – both men and women – and leaves them heartbroken, robbed and in anguish…

Fear of the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead Promo

In one of the AMC series’ most powerful episodes to date, “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame,” elderly hero Russell Brown wakes in the middle of the night to discover his wife Martha has reanimated. He goes to hug her and she bites him, but without her dentures, she does not break the skin. Russell dances with…

Football Night In America on NBC with Current Music

Bose Superbowl Add-On Package “Get Feeling”

Football fans have come to expect powerful music in BOSE and NBC’s award-winning vignettes. And who better to turn to than Current Music when they needed a popular music feel with more of a hip-hop overtone for their latest spots?

NBC Sports Premiere League Soccer - Rock Out To It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year #currentmusic

NBC Sports Gifts Soccer Fans During “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Most soccer fans are left waiting during the holidays but not at NBC Sports thanks to its worldwide broadcast of the Premier League Soccer — which not only doesn’t take a break like the European Soccer League does, but instead amps up the number of matches to the tune of 40 over just 13 days.


NFL Kickoff’s The Manning Hour

The eldest of the legendary Archie Manning’s boys, Cooper Manning, joins FOX NFL Kickoff each week for The Manning Hour (minus 58 minutes or so) featuring humorous skits and interviews.