Better Call Saul uses Current Music

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul season 4 on AMC, uses Current Music in “Quite A Ride”…

Acts of Violence film uses Current Music song

Acts of Violence

Acts of Violence, starring Bruce Willis, is a fast-paced film, harkening back to the days of the 70s/80s action thrillers. The hip hop song, “Get Crazy”, is used in the film.

Uncle Drew Trailer uses Current Music

Uncle Drew Trailer

After a successful five years as a fan-favorite digital episodic series, originally conceived by Pepsi, UNCLE DREW…

Imposters uses Current Music in Season 2

Imposters Season 2

Maddie is a beautiful, dangerous con artist. She captures the hearts of victims – both men and women – and leaves them heartbroken, robbed and in anguish…

Game Night Trailer uses music from Current Music

Game Night Trailer

Game Night trailer uses the straightforward C minor juxtaposed with the more tender E-flat major elements of Coriolan Overture to follow Jason Bateman’s Max and Rachel McAdams’ Annie…

Overboard uses 8 songs from Current Music


For veteran sitcom Producer/Director Rob Greenberg and co-writers Bob Fisher and Leslie Dixon to pull of a remake of the 1987 not-so-classic “Overboard,’’ they had to convince audiences the amnesia story could really be happening in 2018.