Swing Expedition Theme Song

Swing Expedition with Chris Como

Client: Golf (fka The Golf Channel)

When The Golf Channel began their search for a theme song for their show “Swing Expedition” with host Chris Como, they reached out to numerous composers and ended up selecting the winning theme from  long time collaborator, Current Music.

They were originally looking for a high energy, EDM-style theme with elements of travel and world beat influences.  The CM team created a number of great options and then, as the show evolved, the producers decided to change direction. The competition for the theme was still open, but the wining theme was penned by CM songwriters, Laurent Lepagneau and Alexandre Astier and produced by Current Music CCO Christian Salyer.

“They told us the Golf show will be filmed in various locations all over the world, so they needed music with an international vibe. They asked for acoustic mixed with an EDM vibe, an upbeat tempo and they even included some rock examples with an Irish violin sound,” said Lepagneau.

“I started to compose with an acoustic guitar, playing a folk sound with EDM drums, then added an Irish flair. Chris Como is young and modern, so for me, the key focus was modern with a classic touch.”

Lepagneau and Astier are a successful songwriting duo with theme credits such as the gritty blues/rock song for “Shotmakers” (also on the Golf Channel), the orchestral/EDM/rock signature tune for NBA on NBC Regional Networks and a rebrand of the famous candy bar Kit Kat’s song “Give Me a Break”.

“Swing Expedition” takes the viewer on a journey to explore golf instruction with the leading teachers, players and influencers. The show is hosted by world-renowned instructor, Chris Como.

You can hear the full Swing Expedition theme song here.

Catch The Golf Channel’s “Swing Expedition” Mondays at 7pm Eastern during the golf season.