Songs by Current Music in Feel The Beat

Songs by Current Music’s Artists Created for “Feel The Beat” on Netflix

Client: Netflix

“Feel The Beat” is the #3 most watched Film on Netflix as of June 26, 2020 and no wonder.  While hunkered down safely at home, this is the perfect movie to spend time watching with your little ones.  It’s a film about April, a failed dancer played by Hollywood Records recording artist Sophia Carson (Adventures In Babysitting, Descendants, etc), who was blacklisted from Broadway forcing her to return to her home town of Wisconsin with her tail between her legs. She finds an opportunity for redemption through her former dance teacher Barb (Donna Lynne Champlin e.g.Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Downsizing), by teaching the little kids at the New Hope Dance Studio and connecting with local heartthrob Nick (Wolfgang Novogratz of Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, The Last Summer).

The film is full of fun music to accompany talented kids, performing super awesome choreography, so why not feature songs created especially for these performances! Current Music‘s division “Sync Different”, in conjunction with Blazed Out Music, represents commercial Artists for original work in the media space.  Maddie Madsen produced 3 songs for the competitions, allowing the artists to expand beyond their traditional sonic signatures and they crushed it.

“Never Forgive You”
Artist: Brooke Villanyi
Written by: Todd Andrew and Brooke Villanyi
Danced by the “tween angst” trio in the county qualifiers

“Glitter Shoes”
Artist: Blaire Reinhard
Written by Blaire Reinhard
Dance by the Royalton Conservatory in the county qualifiers

“Winner Won’t Stop”
Artist: Neara Russell
Written by: Neara Russell
National Competition dancers montage


Be sure to check out Brooke, Neara and Blaire on their fan pages as well.