Overboard uses 8 songs from Current Music


Client: MGM

For veteran sitcom Producer/Director Rob Greenberg and co-writers Bob Fisher and Leslie Dixon to pull of a remake of the 1987 not-so-classic “Overboard,’’ they had to convince audiences the amnesia story could really be happening in 2018.

Not only did Greenburg flip the gender roles – Goldie Hawn played the spoiled brat and Kurt Russell the abused underling in the original – in keeping with today’s #MeToo movement – he added just the right music to keep it moving quickly and believably.

Current Music was able to step in with eight songs woven throughout the film starring Anna Farris and Mexican superstar Eugenio Derbez.

Song: “Singapore Slingshot”
Composers: Simone Sciumbata / Antonello Vannucchi
Label: Deneb Records

Song: “Rio De Generic”
Composers: Danny Pelfrey / Mark Stephen Ross
Label: Amusicom

Song: “Air On The G String”
Arranged by: Barbie McDonald
Label: Ear Parade

Song: “Moody Modal Jazz”
Artist: The Pat Prouty Jazz Ensemble
Composer: Patrick Michael Prouty
Label: Ear Parade

Song: “Cocktail Party”
Artist / Composer: Andrew Charles Vinter
Label: Brilliant Music Limited

“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 2nd Mov. Romanze Andante”
“Sinfonia Concertante In E Flat Major 3rd Mov. Presto”
“Concerto in C Major for Two Trumpets and Strings 2nd Mov. Largo”
Artist: London Session Orchestra
Arrangers: Osman Ashraf Bashiri / Jan Hasenoehrl
Label: Fantasy Production Music Limited