Brother From Another

New theme song and music for Peacock’s ‘Brother From Another’

Client: Peacock TV

When Peacock premiered as a streaming service, they announced their first original sports talk program, ‘Brother From Another’.  The show hosts, Michael Smith and Michael Holley, are both prestigious journalists and sports celebrity personalities, as well as long time friends.  The producers contacted Current Music looking for a theme song which would convey the hosts’ friendship and fun, with a percussive feel.  

Current Music producer Christian Salyer shared that the client ended up choosing two pieces instead of one.  They loved their authenticity, both sounding as if they were written by legit hip hop artists (which they are), instead of sounding like a typical theme song. The theme was created by DJ Revolution and the alternate theme was written by Todd P Andrew, which will be used for lead-ins/bumpers/vamps for the show. 

Andrew shared this about his creative process, “I listened to Michael Smith’s podcast just to get a feel. I don’t know why, but my mind went to mid 2000’s hip hop – in particular Philadelphia Freeway, Diplomats, Talib Kweli and anything produced by Just Blaze. That sound had an energy to it and I know that’s key to any theme. You want to grab them right off the bat and have a distinct feel and melody that’s happy, without being cheesy. I love the sound of samples in hip hop beats, of course they cost money to clear, so I made my own fake 70’s song and sampled it to make the chord chops that you hear in the song. Everything is 100% created from scratch.”

Check out both CM songs from ‘Brother From Another’ here:

Theme song (DJ Revolution)

Alternate theme (Todd Andrew)

DJ Revolution is a hip hop artist who has released two albums on Interscope Music. He has also contributed work on albums for the Boombox and Blazed Out music libraries: both represented in the US and Canada for worldwide licensing by Current Music. Although landing significant placements through the collaboration with Blazed Out Music, this is DJ Revolutions’ first theme song with CM.

Famously known as the “Deadpool Rap” creator with his partner in “Teamheadkick”, Todd Andrew has landed many projects with CM including the theme song for ‘First Things First’ on Fox Sports, the teaser themes for ‘Football Night In America’ (the Sunday night NFL Pregame show on NBC) and the score of the horror film “Knucklebones”.

Catch ‘Brother From Another’ on Peacock TV weekdays from 3-6pm.