NBA on NBC Regional Stations Theme Song

New NBA Theme Song

Client: NBC Sports Regionals

After years of using the same theme song for the regional NBA Games broadcasts, NBC felt it was time for a hot new approach.  Enter Current Music and CM team composers Laurent Lepagneau and Alex Astier, who have a rich history of creating theme songs.

Lepagneau shared about the process:

First at all, I’m a really big basketball fanatic!  When this custom project appeared, I said to my partner Alexandre, ‘I WANT IT !!!!!’.”

“They sent us this NBA iconic masterpiece song called “Roundball Rock” and said they want that kind of classic vibe with a modern, punchy sound and a strong melody. Took me few nights without sleeping. We knew the competition would be tough, so we created 7 songs. The last one I did was the one they chose and I knew it was the best!”                 

Says CM CEO Maddie Madsen, “Fans have reached out to us asking where to hear the new NBA on NBC theme song they are hearing on their local broadcasts.”

Check out the full length version here

Lepagneau and Astier are no strangers to composing theme songs with Current Music.  In addition to the NBA, they have penned themes for two Golf Network shows, ”Shotmakers” and  “Swing Expedition” with Chris Como, as well as an indie rock Kit Kat remake of “Give Me A Break”.

The regular 2019-2020 season went on hiatus on March 11th due to the coronavirus pandemic and 22 teams resumed playing July 30th with a virtual audience watching a live feed of the game, alongside a view of each other.  Nifty!