NBC Sports Premiere League Soccer - Rock Out To It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year #currentmusic

NBC Sports Gifts Soccer Fans During “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Client: NBC Sports

Custom: Re-Record for Premiere League Soccer Playoffs and Finals

Most soccer fans are left waiting during the holidays but not at NBC Sports thanks to its worldwide broadcast of the Premier League Soccer — which not only doesn’t take a break like the European Soccer League does, but instead amps up the number of matches to the tune of 40 over just 13 days.

To showcase this, NBC Sports wanted a fun and upbeat rock version of The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and who else to deliver but Current Music and their own Sikora?

NBC Sports vision was a rendition that felt both special and unique, yet also very familiar. They also wanted it to feel “chanty” so viewers felt like they are watching a match either live or in a local pub.

It was a tall order but Current Music captured everything the client sought with their version, once again demonstrating how we “sync different.”

Who Did What
Artist: Sikora
Producers: Matthew Sikora / Elizabeth Forde