Fear of the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead Promo

Client: AMC

Advertising Re-Records (Custom)

In one of the AMC series’ most powerful episodes to date, “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame,” elderly hero Russell Brown wakes in the middle of the night to discover his wife Martha has reanimated. He goes to hug her and she bites him, but without her dentures, she does not break the skin. Russell dances with the zombified Martha for a while then grabs a gun and shoots her and himself. They both fall on a lantern that breaks and burns them and their house to the ground.

AMC needed an exact replica of the “When I Grow Too Old to Dream” by Dinah Shore, creating an eerily whimsical backdrop to the horrific scene.

As always, Current Music delivered just what the client asked for to amplify their vision with Aram Mandossian composing and producing the custom re-record.

“When I Grow Too Old to Dream”
Arranger/Producer: Aram Mandossian