Bad Girls Club 12

Bad Girls Club Chicago

Client: Oxygen

License: Music In Show

One roof will house seven headstrong women; Alex, Alyssa, Aysia, Brit, Jada, Jonica, and Loren who are each known for their unflinching ways, but are willing to make a change to their bad girl attitudes. It’s all hands on deck when their parents drop by for a weekend visit and a life coach brings on some tough love and hardline advice. At a crossroad, each girl makes the difficult decision to take a new lease on life, but there are a few bumps and stumbles along the road to redemption. Music In Show “Put It On Me” was featured in episode “EPISODE NAME”. Francisco SantaCruz / Asil Marie Artist: Stone Label: Blazed Out Music “By Myself ” was featured in episode ” EPISODE NAME”. Francisco C Santacruz / Deonta J Moore / Cadence Blaze Artist: Cee Tha Rebel Label: Blazed Out Music “Party Tonight” was featured in episode “EPISODE NAME”. Derek Daniel Yopp / Jujuan Jamal Gailey / Andrew John Kim Artist: EX-LR Label: Blazed Out Music