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Client: FOX

License: Music In Show

When Gideon Reeves’ best friend is murdered during a botched robbery attempt and the killer remains at large, the billionaire engineer doesn’t stop at demanding justice. Recognizing the unsolved case as a symptom of bigger issues plaguing the over-extended and under-funded Chicago Police Department, Gideon puts up millions of dollars of his own fortune to take over the 13th District and make it a private police force with the most advanced crime-fighting technology available. Gideon finds an ally in Officer Theresa Murphy, but not everyone is happy with the changes when the office makes the rapid transition into the 21st century. Music In Show “We About To Get A” was featured in episodes “506”. Cadence Blaze / Francisco C Santacruz / Douglas Starling Jones Artist: Styliztik Jones Label: Blazed Out Music