Acts of Violence film uses Current Music song

Acts of Violence

Client: Lionsgate Premiere


Acts of Violence, is a fast-paced film, harkening back to the days of the 70s/80s action thrillers. Ashton Holmes (Roman MacGregor), Shawn Ashmore (Brandon MacGregor) and Cole Hauser (Deklan MacGregor) are three brothers team up with incorruptible police officer Detective James Avery (starring Bruce Willis), to search for Roman’s fiancé, who is kidnapped by human traffickers. Written by Nicolas Aaron Mezzanatto (SEAL Patrol) and directed by Brett Donowho (Salvation USA, etc.).

Acts Of Violence was released January 12, 2018 and also stars, Melissa Bolona, Sophia Bush and Mike Epps.

Music in film: “Get Crazy”
Composer: Richard Rangel Negrete / Allen Maldonado
Artist: DawOne
Label: Blazed Out Music