“Venom for RADIUS” Current Music’s First TV Series Original Score!

Keoni Hudoba is a renowned trainer and fitness expert.  Hudoba hails from Hawaii where he trained his very first client ~ himself!  Keoni underwent a radical transformation of mind, body, and spirit and came out the other side over 100 pounds thinner and much wiser.

Keoni has created a new show called Venom for RADIUS, which is a high-energy, entertaining, full-body road trip that helps people transform their bodies and ultimately reach their fitness goals.

Current Music has crafted the score and sound of Venom by combining Keoni’s love for the sound of organic world percussion, EDM and rock guitars.

One of Current Music’s strengths is having an exclusive roster of composers from the commercial rock, pop and EDM world.  Because of this, we were able to create a variety of moods and sounds from Ambient warmup and Chillout meditation to crunchy Urban Rock hi-impact cardio adding Pop EDM warm down segments, all while maintaining Keoni’s thematic Venom sound ~ which Current Music created with his guidance and feedback.

Catch Venom now on RADIUS and start your year offsetting and accomplishing goals in a fun and musical way!  Venom is available across TV, mobile, tablets, desktops, and via the Radius Fitness application, empowering consumers to exercise on any screen, anytime, and anywhere:

NBCSN every weekday from 6 – 9 a.m. ET

RadiusFitness.com across all digital platforms

Radius Fitness for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded on the App Store

Coming soon to Xfinity On Demand