Three Catchy Parody Songs for FOX NFL Kickoff

Client: FOX Sports and FS1

Custom: Parody Songs for FOX NFL Kickoff

FOX NFL Kickoff features interviews with NFL newsmakers, live reports from FOX NFL game venues, breaking news and updates that gets fans ready for a full day of NFL action leading into FOX NFL Sunday.

The assignment was to create and arrange three catchy parody songs.

First up was a spooky reminder for Cleveland Browns fans of what might have been after the Philadelphia Eagles team drafted Quarterback Carson Wentz. It aired a few days before Halloween, created and arranged by Current Music and sung to the melody of The Monster Mash. (This sentence doesn’t make sense to me)

“Three’s Company” played with the intense rivalry in the NFC South with three of the winningest teams in the league in 2017 — the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons.

And “Danger Russ” highlighted the constant threat posed by Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson based on the song Dangerous by Busta Rhymes.

Who Did What
The Monster Mash & Three’s Company Parodies were created by – Todd P Andrews and Brooke Villanyi (Monster Mash) and Danger Russ was recreated by Trevor Lewallen with the rap by P-Live