Current Music Staff at NAB 2015

Current Music Soiree: Back For The View (2nd Annual NAB)

Tuesday, April 14, we headed back to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant Lounge overlooking The Strip in Las Vegas.  Having officially kicked off this year’s NAB with meetings which started on Saturday the 11th, we were ready to have some fun! We didn’t think it was possible to top last year’s party at this groovy venue, … Read more

Keoni Hudoba Venom

“Venom for RADIUS” Current Music’s First TV Series Original Score!

Keoni Hudoba is a renowned trainer and fitness expert.  Hudoba hails from Hawaii where he trained his very first client ~ himself!  Keoni underwent a radical transformation of mind, body, and spirit and came out the other side over 100 pounds thinner and much wiser. Keoni has created a new show called Venom for RADIUS, … Read more

Showing off our new search features and new catalogs.

Current Music Makes A Big Splash at NAB 2014!

      This past Tuesday, Current Music hosted a cocktail party at Eiffel Tower Lounge in Las Vegas for the 2014 NAB. We were honored that our Partners from 21 countries were able to come out and meet TV Network Executives, Music Supervisors, and Producers. In addition to a stellar view, we enjoyed demonstrating … Read more