Bead Heads Music

Are You Ready to Get into Bed with Bed Heads Music? We Did!

Current Music is now the exclusive agent for BED HEADS MUSIC in The United States and Canada! BED HEADS MUSIC is based in Los Angeles, the epicenter of television and film production. This innovative, modern music catalog is designed with the editor in mind, featuring “Make The Bed” – no messy lead instruments to fight … Read more

Young Drunk Punk

New Canadian TV Series “Young Drunk Punk” uses songs by Current Music

As if the 80s wasn’t confusing enough with all of the big sticky hair, dayglo clothes, tacky ties and the event of electronic music (what happened to the drummer?), try growing up as a punk in Calgary!  Having just finished grade 12, Ian is funny and loyal, but easily angered by social injustice and his … Read more