Clearance & Re-Records

Need a popular hit song for your project? Our seasoned partners at Music Rightz get permission for you. Or if you want a brand new recording or remix, Current Music takes over.

What is Music Clearance?

If you plan to use music in your project, whether it be for a film, commercial, TV show, podcast, web series, video, etc. you will need to clear the music. Music clearance is the process of researching the ownership and/or administration of a song, submitting formal request letters to the respective owners/administrators, obtaining approvals, negotiating fees, confirming the deals, requesting formal licenses, paying or facilitating all “sync” and “master use” fees to the music publisher(s) and/or record labels and making sure fully-executed licenses are in place.

What is a “Composition”?

The composition is essentially made-up of the lyrics and music to a song – as written by one or more writers (the “Composers”). Compositions are published/licensed by music publishers and/or copyright administrators.

What is a “Master Recording”?

The “Master” or “Master Recording” is the song as recorded and available via a download, CD, etc. The recording itself, by the recording artist, is the master recording”.

Do I need to clear the music I want to use in my production?

Simply put – YES. You will always need to clear the composition. Additionally, if you use an original master recording (i.e. a song from a CD or download), you must obtain clearance and approval with the artist’s record label.

Current Music can give you all of the rights you need and license you the music we control, but if you want to use “commercial” music, we have partnered with Music Rightz for a quick, easy and affordable solution!

When you need music rights, footage, photos or talent releases for your next project, make sure you’re dealing with seasoned clearance professionals. MUSIC RIGHTZ has great relationships within the music, television, film studio and clip/photo industries. We’re fairly priced and we’ll get the job done right the first time.