Professional Bowling on Fox Sports

Fox Sports has called on their trusted relationship with Current Music, to create the new theme song for the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). The theme will be used for the PBA Tour and associated programming on Fox, FS1 and Fox Sports Go.

To sound off the games and complimentary programming, Fox brought on Current Music to create a new twist on the Fox Football Theme. Producer Maddie Madsen worked with composer Aram Mandossian on creating a heavy metal version in the initial direction. After the Fox production team passed the idea around, they requested a few different styles as they considered what the bowling audience would appreciate. Versions included country, Southern rock, 80s arena rock and Americana. After much consideration, Fox producers finally decided to scrap this idea altogether and asked that Mandossian keep his originally composed elements used in one of the versions, remove references to the football theme entirely and create a completely original piece in order to uniquely brand the package.

Click here to check out the new theme: