Octopus Records! Authentic, Retro Movie Scores and Soundtracks

Italy’s premiere, Movie Score and Soundtrack label “Octopus Records”, featuring Vintage, Retro, and B-Movies, has signed with Current Music in the USA.  In collaboration with Flipper Music srl., Current Music now exclusively represents 35 Movie Soundtracks, both Publishing and Master recordings (One Stop), for Licensing in All Media, Worldwide.

This fascinating and unique label contains gems like the kitschy Spaghetti Western score to the film “Django Strikes Again” (1987), the campy B-Movie Horror films “The Great Alligator” (1979) and “Eaten Alive” (1980), and the Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi “Sand Sharks” (a shark who swims in sand terrorizes a tropical paradise). Other vintage finds include the soundtrack to the Action Thriller “Concorde Affair” (1979), the 1980 Comedy “Cornetti Alla Crema” (Cream Horn, 1980); which feature Vocals, Polymoog and Horns, and the super awesome 80s Pop synth soundtrack “I Will Marry Simon Le Bon” (1986). This one even has 80s songs with vocals!

Also included are the oddball Historical Adventure Comedy “The Voyage Of Captain Fracassa”, set in the Eighteenth Century (some of which the score is very Fellini-esque), and “All’Assalto: Le Radici Del Rap In Italiano di Paolo Fazzini”, which is a pure throwback, Hip Hop gold. The film is a documentary about the history and evolution of Rap music in Italy, encompassing the late 1980s – 1994, from the important Italian filmmaker Paolo Fazzini. Think the sonic pallets of NWA, Cypress Hill, and so forth.

The Octopus Records collection encompasses the movie genres of Adventure, Thrillers, Horror, Human Drama, Romance and Romantic Comedies, and even a few Zombie Movies (“9 Billion Coffins”, “Silent Night Zombie Night”)!

Listen to a taste from each album in the order featured in this article: Octopus Records Sampler

And to pursue the entire collection, go to Current Music Search Engine and click the Octopus Records link on the left-hand side.