NBC Sports Drafts Current Music to Compose Their Theme Song Package for the NHL

Current Music created a new theme song and branding package for NBC’s NHL programming and games. Current Music’s CCO, Christian Salyer, worked with Current’s composers Matthew Sikora and Liz Forde. The new theme and variations combine a mix of modern, edgy and exciting, with the traditional sporting event feel.

The NHL is working to make Wednesday nights its must-see evening for hockey fans, similar to football on Mondays. “We know that in football, for example, playing on ‘Monday Night Football’ is a big deal… Well, why can’t playing on Wednesday night hockey be a big deal? And that’s what we’re striving for,” says Steve Mayer, the NHL’s chief content officer.

In preparation for the 2018 hockey season, NBC decided to replace their NHL theme song of many years to assist in this vision. To execute the plan, NBC reached out to a group of custom music houses asking them for inspiration. After several weeks of committee deliberations, Current Music came out on top. They were looking for a fresh sound, which still maintained their big sporting event feel.

“Luckily we were the last team standing (pun intended),” said Current Music’s Christian Salyer.

The theme song was expected to include approximately 20 other variations and versions for the network to use across all of their NHL properties and platforms, such as broadcasts, promos, social media and online marketing.