NBC – Theme Song – “Stay Tuned NOW__With Gadi Schwartz”

Stay Tuned NOW with Gadi Schwartz” is a primetime news program hosted by reporter and journalist Gadi Schwartz.

The theme is part of a package of themes and elements produced by Current Music and composed by SIKORA, a pop/rock record producing and songwriting duo consisting of Matthew Sikora and Liz Forde. The entire package of variations and elements is used throughout the show.


Gadi is a high spirited, youthful, unconventional journalist and reaches a younger audience in a way that’s most authentic to that generation. As such, the theme needed to be very modern, fast paced and upbeat.  “One of the things he added to the mix was the suggestion to incorporate breakbeats, an idea I had decided to explore just the day before we got his note, so it was very exciting to feel like we were on the same page with his vision and that validation was amazing” says Maddie Madsen, co-founder of Current Music.

Stay Tuned NOW with Gadi Schwartz” streams on NBC News Now weekdays at 8PM Eastern.




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