Fox Sports Show, College Hoops and Current Music Team Up for New Opening Title Pop Song

Fox Sports Show, College Hoops and Current Music Team Up for New Opening Title Pop Song

Current Music’s band Blondstone was hired to create a hip-hop song to open each episode of the Sports College Basketball Studio Show aka “College Hoops” on FS1. Having enjoyed a good relationship with Current Music from their previous work together, including the title opening song for their College Football Show, Fox Sports producer Rick Thomas … Read more

The Mavs Saturday Night

TV Show MAVS SATURDAY NIGHT On Fox Sports Southwest Features New Theme Song By Current Music

Fox Sports Southwest commissioned Current Music to create the theme song for the show.  Having worked with Current Music in other regional sports marketing campaigns, the network felt confident that Current Music could produce what they envisioned.  Inspired by action trailer music and bands such as bands Imagine Dragons, Muse and Panic! At The Disco, … Read more

Current Music Original Song in FS1 College Football Pregame Show

Current Music creates original song with band SIKORA for the Fox College Football Pregame Show

Current Music, in collaboration with the band SIKORA, has created an original song for the Fox College Football Pregame Show. Fox Sports contacted Current Music in search of a rock song with vocals to promote their College Football Pregame Show on FS1 for the 2018-2019 season.   After considering several options created by Current Music, … Read more

FOX NFL Kickoff Parodies

Three Catchy Parody Songs for FOX NFL Kickoff

Client: FOX Sports and FS1 Custom: Parody Songs for FOX NFL Kickoff FOX NFL Kickoff features interviews with NFL newsmakers, live reports from FOX NFL game venues, breaking news and updates that gets fans ready for a full day of NFL action leading into FOX NFL Sunday. The assignment was to create and arrange three … Read more

The Manning Hour

FOX NFL Kickoff: The Manning Hour

Client: FOX Sports Custom: Parody Song for Fox NFL Kickoff: The Manning Hour The eldest of the legendary Archie Manning’s boys, Cooper Manning, joins FOX NFL Kickoff each week for The Manning Hour (minus 58 minutes or so) featuring humorous skits and interviews. Current Music answered the call for Manning’s sit-down with Baltimore Ravens’ kicker … Read more

Bluesy, edgy theme song produced by Current Music for Shotmakers

Shotmakers Gritty Blues Rock Theme Song on Golf Channel!

Producing a hit TV show is no easy feat and with so much competition, the right theme song can make a huge difference. Executive Producer Keith Allo knows this and that’s why he didn’t hesitate to change direction midstream for the Golf Channel’s latest offering, Shotmakers. At first, he was looking for something “epic, propulsive, … Read more

FOX Sports North All Together Now Theme by Current Music

All Together Now – Original Fox Sports North April Marketing Chant

Current Music once again comes through, this time with a contagious custom theme song, to be broadcast throughout April on the Fox Sports North network, and the talent to perform it. Marketing sought original, highly-appealing music to capture locals’ mounting excitement in the month of April over the four teams — MLB, NBA, NHL & … Read more

Current Music: Custom Music Reel

Current Music Creates Custom Music, Re-Records and Parodies

Current Music has become an established resource for commissioned music for the film, television, advertising, digital content and corporate communities. Current Music’s creative division now has multiple theme songs on major network broadcasts, as well as sonic branding IDs, scores, songs, parodies and re-records in use throughout the world. Clients reach out to Current Music … Read more

NBC Sports Premiere League Soccer - Rock Out To It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year #currentmusic

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Premiere League Soccer on NBC Sports

Current Music has created a fun new rock promo theme package, for the 2017 December Premiere League Soccer games on NBC Sports. Check your schedules, games are going on daily, now! Current Music worked with the band Sikora, a frequent collaborator, to create a new upbeat rock version of the song “It’s The Most Wonderful … Read more