Custom Music and DC Comics coming Friday November 21st!

Constantine is the exciting new supernatural TV series from DC Comics which airs on NBC.  Starring Matt Ryan, the show is about a private investigator with special powers who is haunted by his past.

Our job was to create a custom solo saxophone piece that sets a dark, lonely tone that you instantly identify as gritty New Orleans. The sax player is playing on a dark street as our hero, Constantine, stumbles out of a bar at 3 am. The song will be featured in the episode this Friday, Nov 21st on NBC.  Episode 5, Season 1 “Dance Voudau”.

Our composer is the multi-instrumentalist Adrián Terrazas-González from the band The Mars Volta.  His new band is called “The Earful”.  Check out their Fall / Winter “Tour Of Funk” which kicks off this week and goes through January 2015.

Check out Constantine every Friday night on NBC at 10pm/9pm central.