Current Music signs EAR PARADE music catalog

Ear Parade is an artist-featured music catalog that was started in 2011 by veteran production music composer and producer Lindsay Tomasic.  Over the course of her career, Lindsay has become an integral part of the community of top session players and artists in Los Angeles.  Working with such great talent, Lindsay saw a unique business opportunity.  She enlisted a group of these artists and started building a catalog of records that were catchy and television friendly.

Lindsay and Maddie Madsen met in 1996, as they were both composers of production music at a time when there were very few female producers in the industry!  In that same year, Christian Salyer, a composer and producer, was hired by Zomba Production Music to produce rap and hip-hop for their label.  He met Maddie because she was pitching the ZPM catalog to the film, television and advertising community for licensing.  Coincidentally, she was also pitching Lindsay’s songs with a lot of success.

In October 2012, Lindsay, Christian, and Maddie decided to form a partnership with the Ear Parade catalog, bringing together all of their combined talents and contacts.

Ear Parade is represented by Current Music, an agency that represents composers, artists and publishing catalogs.