Bad Girls Love Blazed Out Music

TUNE IN TONIGHT!  Everyone knows that Good Girls love Bad Boys, but it’s come to our attention that Bad Girls love  Blazed Out Music!  Blazed Out Music hosts a creative team of urban composers, artists, and musicians that are so smooth, so sultry, so steamy, so HOT that Ear Parade just had to tap that.  In doing so, Ear Parade was able to release several compilations of songs so sizzling, they could only be the product of something Blazed Out and Bad.  This combination is a match made in heaven for the Oxygen Series “Bad Girls All Star Battle”.  Tonight on Oxygen Network, Episode 5 “Captain’s Challenge” features the Ear Parade song “Drop It Baby”, written by Trevor Lewallen, Allen Maldonado, and Leeotis Burgess: performed by Dawone.  Watch it/Hear It – 8 pm EST on Oxygen!