Are You Ready to Get into Bed with Bed Heads Music? We Did!

Current Music is now the exclusive agent for BED HEADS MUSIC in The United States and Canada! BED HEADS MUSIC is based in Los Angeles, the epicenter of television and film production.

This innovative, modern music catalog is designed with the editor in mind, featuring “Make The Bed” – no messy lead instruments to fight with dialogue, these specially composed bed tracks are created to support underscore and voice over; “Build A Bed” – highly useful toolkit-style tracks with built-in easy-edit points, transitions and useable stings to eliminate frustrated fussing; and “Strip The Bed” – ready-made alternate mix-outs for maximum flexibility to keep your projects moving forward.

Bed Heads Music sets the standard for a new generation of production music, with credits on nearly every major television network around the globe. You won’t find any annoying lead instruments – no screaming weedly-weedly guitars, no overwrought arrangements, no penny-ante orchestras, and no warbling lead vocals (sorry!). What you will find is great music written and played by ridiculously interesting and crazy-talented composers that you’d love to share a local craft-brewed beer or an artisanal cup of coffee with.

Created by composer/producer Wendie Colter, the former staff producer for industry-leading music publishers including Universal and catalogs including “The Scene” and “Marquee Music”, Wendie has over 15 years of experience in production music. Bed Heads Music is the culmination of her years of successful music productions, boundary-expanding innovation, and the acclaim of entertainment producers and editors all over the world.

Bed Heads Music launches with 5 strong albums and more soon to be released: “Bedrock Beds” puts a finger on the pulse of contemporary rock and pop, featuring indie, alt, post, thrash, punk, garage, beardcore…and all the beds that rock; “Pop Club” features effervescent electropop beds to refresh your ears and your soul – drink it in!; “Quiet Drama” underscores the uneasy drama of daily life with tense and suspenseful beds to set the scene; “Make Your Bed”, a signature series of neutral, hip, upbeat and downbeat grooves; and “Kickass Summer”, take a break for fun in the hot hot sun, beach, pool and bbq – party on! Coming up: “Folk U”, folk for folks who love folk, with some beats, too, cuz that’s how we roll; “Funk Off”, a crazy mash-up blast of funky funk, “Architexture” cool soundscapes and textures inspired by art, architecture and graffiti; and “Comedy Gold”, hilarious comedy beds to put a smile on your face and a pratfall in your step. All of the Bed Heads Music volumes feature Instagram style cover art by contemporary photography artists.

Bed Heads Music is the perfect collection for lifestyles, promo, programming, commercials, comedy, reality, drama and documentary productions. The unique, contemporary and modern sound combined with useful easy-edit points, musical transitions, stings and mix-outs make it the right choice for all projects. Get into bed with Bed Heads Music!

All 5 BED HEADS MUSIC albums have now been integrated into Current Music’s easy online search engine. At clients can type in a descriptive word, listen, make a playlist and download high-quality WAV, AIFF and MP3 files. Hard drives with searchable music can also be provided. We also provide music research experts who will be happy to send you downloadable playlists for your projects, at no additional cost!